I shoot no two the same. I'm telling YOUR story, not re-creating somebody else's. I work as naturally as possible whilst getting creative to capture the beauty and elegance in simple moments, whether they're fun, silly, emotional or seem mundane, there's something in all the memories that build your bigger picture.



I love couple shoots! I'm not gonna lie, you'll hate me at first, but trust me it's not so bad once you get into it. I know how uncomfortable these things can feel so I'll do my best to make sure you feel like you're just meeting a mate for a natter (who also happens to hide behind bushes and take your photo haha!) so if you've always wanted lovely pictures together but have felt too awkward, there's no better time than now. Get in touch and we'll make it happen. 



Whether you're a first time parent or have just welcomed a new addition to your bunch, I've been there and know that the seconds swiftly become hours and before you know it your small is a little bit less small than before. During my Newborn sessions I'll capture your tiny in the comfort of your own home and document some of those precious moments that seem to disappear so quickly.